Mid Atlantic Yacht Racing Association

MAYRA Website and Schedule

The mission of MAYRA is to coordinate and promote the sport of sailing throughout South Jersey and its surroundings, improve communication within the sailing community of the region and provide education to advance the sport of sailing.

MAYRA was originally formed as the South Jersey Yacht Racing Association in 1940. With the addition of member yacht clubs beyond South Jersey, the name of the organization was changed to the Mid Atlantic Yacht Racing Association in 1984. Within the United States Sailing Association (US SAILING), the governing body of the sport in this country, MAYRA is one of 36 Regional Sailing Associations (RSAs). Similar to many of these RSAs, MAYRA is composed of a cadre of volunteers from its member yacht clubs who join together for the purpose of coordinating and supporting the various sailing activities within a defined geographic area. Officially MAYRA's boundaries are described as follows: "The northeast border is the line with NJYRA from Beach Haven Heights northwest to Trenton along the Delaware River to Easton then west across Pennsylvania along the latitude 40 degrees 45 minutes to about Altoona then south to the southern Pennsylvania border then east along the Pennsylvania state border and the West Virginia, Maryland and Delaware borders to the Delaware River then southeast on the northeast side of the river around the end of Cape May and up the east coast and the Atlantic Ocean to Beach Haven Heights."

Like other RSAs, MAYRA is formally organized with officers and directors, has established bylaws that define its purposes, its organizational structure, the duties of officers and committee chairs, and membership and voting requirements. These bylaws are compatible with and support the US SAILING bylaws and regulations.

In the capacity of an RSA, MAYRA provides representation to US SAILING for sailors within its purview, runs quarter-final eliminations for national championships sanctioned by US SAILING, and provides an Appeals Committee to hear and decide appeals involving racing rules.