Membership @RYC

Founded in 1865, Riverton Yacht club is one of the oldest yacht clubs in America. Friendly and informal., we are open to anyone who loves the thrill, companionship, or calm beauty of sailing.

The club lies along a scenic stretch of the Delaware River in picturesque Riverton, New Jersey. We are one mile north of the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge, and two miles from the intersection of Routes 73 and 130.

Host of the prestigious Governor's Cup Regatta each June, we also sponser other regattas throughout the Year and offer club racing most Wednesday nights and weekends. We invite you to stop by, to call or write for more information.

Categories of Membership:

Family Active Membership

Family Active membership shall include one single or two adults, one of whom shall be over the age of 26 years living together. A family will have one voting privilege. Only one member of the family can hold office at a given time.

Family Active membership shall include all Junior members residing in the same household.

Family membership shall also include a single active member with one voting privilege.

Family Active membership requires a Sponsor.

Intermediate Active Membership

Intermediate Active membership is limited to those who have reached their 22nd birthday but not their 30th birthday. Privileges are to be the same as Family Active Membership to encourage persons in this age category to enjoy affordable membership and activities.

Intermediate Active membership requires a Sponsor.

Junior Membership

Junior Membership shall be individual persons who have not reached their 22nd birthday in the year of admission. Individuals under age 22 residing in the same household as one or more Family Active members shall be Junior members. They do not have voting privileges and cannot be officers of the Club or have any right, title to or interest in the property or assets of the Club.

Contributing Membership

Contributing Membership shall be extended to any person desiring to foster the aims of the Club but who is not actively interested in its operation and is not the owner or co-owner of a boat operated from or stored at the Club. This class of membership does not have voting privileges and conveys only limited use of Club facilities.

Honorary Membership

The Board of Directors may award Honorary Membership to a long term active member who has provided consistent and exceptional service and or brought distinguished recognition to the Club and its aims.

Special Membership

They Board of Directors is authorized to create categories of Special Membership from time to time as deemed appropriate. Privileges for Special Membership shall be defined by the Board of Directors.

Membership fees are listed on the Application & Storage Fees Page.

RYC is a member of the US Sailing MVP Program, which entitles our members to a discount for the US Sailing membership. RYC is currently accepting applications for membership. If you are interested, please contact Lynn Mills, Membership Director at 609-560-1189 or email her.