Calendar @RYC


3/25 Work Party #1


4/1 Work Party #2
4/15 Opening Day
4/23 Sunday racing begins, Mariners, 2:00pm
4/24-4/26 Evening racing begins, 6:00pm


5/6 Kentucky Derby (RSLF fundraiser), 4:30pm
5/13 Rex Showell Pursuit Race & dinner, 1:00pm [J-22’s host]
5/13 Sailors sell/swap/give away (RSLF fundraiser), in the parking lot on Treasure Day.



6/17-18 NJ Governor’s Cup Regatta [all fleets host], party on the 17 th
6/23 Junior Learn to Sail Session 1 begins, (ends July 7th)



7/10 Junior Learn to Sail Session 2 begins, (ends July 21st)
7/24 Junior Learn to Sail Session 3 begins, (ends August 4th)
7/29 12 th Annual Pursuit Race & Dinner – Autism fundraiser, [Mariner’s host]



8/5 Single-handed race
8/7 Junior Learn to Sail Session 4 begins, (ends August 18th)
8/25 Sunset Pursuit Race (high tide at 9:30pm, (full moon on Aug
8/27 Final Week of evening Racing



9/9 Luau
9/9-10 Flying Scot Districts



10/7 Oktoberfest Pursuit Race & Dinner, [Flying Scot’s host]
10/15 The David Reily Memorial Regatta, (Mariners)
10/21 Fall Work Party #1, and general meeting & election of officers
10/28 Fall Work Party #2