Riverton Yacht Club
Riverton Yacht Club


Flying Scot Women-Skippered Regatta

Sunday, September 16 • Afternoon

To all Scott sailors, the Women's Regatta will be Sunday September 16th in the afternoon. Skippers must be femail; crew may be male or female. We hope to get in three races. The flying Scot Fleet has agreed to make boats available for women Skippers so that this can be a one design and not a handicap event.

I need to know who is able to make their boat available and also, if you are so willing to do so do you want to be the crew in the boat. Linda plans to bring her boat up from the shore and I will crew with her so my boat is available. There seems to be a lot of interest in this event. Please get back to Bruce Nicholson as soon as possible so that we can confirm with women who want to Skipper that we have a boat.

Also, Bruce has talked to a couple potential Skippers who expressed interest in possibly sailing a flying Scot before the Regatta so if you might be willing to accommodate this please let him know that also.



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