Riverton Yacht Club
Riverton Yacht Club


2018 CPR/AED Classes

Thursday, October 25 • 7-9 pm

CPR is back!

RYC is sponsoring discounted Basic Life Support (CPR) certification on ONE date this Summer for all RYC members, families, and employees. Join Fire Captain Bob Getz and company to (re)learn and certify.

Class will be Thursday SOctober 25 from 7-9 pm at the RYC clubhouse.

Sign up is required. The discounted cost is $20 per person. The class is capped at 16. Kneeling/sitting will be required so garden pad/knee guards (or life vest) are recommended

Please contact Chris O'Brien at omitzvah@yahoo.com or 610-850-2239 or on the pier to secure your spot!



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